My collaborator types on a computer and the result is projected on a white board in front of the stage. I stand behind a green board and sing a capella what is projected to the tune of my song, "sobracchi shelp shelp shelp". (This song later became the first part of "magpie" (as performed during DNK's open DI night in Amsterdam and during no-)toon) in Haarlem.) I am also playing a comb with my hands, which are the only parts of my body to extend out from behind the board. When I am finished, my partner removes the board and a white chalk drawing on the black wall is revealed.

I lie down on the slanted wooden ramp leading up to the stage and my collaborator pulls a large sheet of transparent plastic over my body and begins to draw over my body with white marker. I then stand up and hang the sheet up at the edge of the elevated stage, where I then play a toy and sing "but they died too" while my collaborator shines a light on my body, projecting my shadow.

I move to stage left front and play the rest of "but they died too" while my associate changes out of his clothing after switching on a silent video of a South African girl telling a story of Tokolosh, a monster who rapes schoolgirls. My associate then stands behind a partially unfurled roll of paper on center stage and starts jumping up and down. His shadow is projected on the paper in front of him as well as on the walls and ceiling of the room.

As the song transitions from "but they died too" to "and your hair", the video switches from the girl's story to an image of my confederate jumping up and down on the stage. "And your hair" starts with a sample of my tongue clicking in my mouth, which builds up and multiplies to sound like lapping water, or the inside of a body. My collaborator rolls up the paper and a hanging goat skin is revealed above a wooden drum (upon which he was jumping earlier). My confederate lies prone on the slanted wooden plank with his feet toward the stage. He slowly slides down the ramp as the music and the performance ends.